Our Vision

This is a ministry website. Although most of it is Biblical teachings, we have enclosed some recipes for cooking as well as technology news. Our purpose is to reach the lost and backslidden souls for the Lord, as well as teach the body on how to use the Bible for answers to issues in life. Our vision is to create a hunger and interest for God's word to those who read this webpage.

Our Story

Our ministry is called Word and Grace56 ministries. Why? In Biblical numbers the number 5 is symbolizes Grace and 6 is the number for man. Our ministry is designed to reach out in a spirit of grace to the wounded and hurt souls in the body. Although we have been in ministry for years, God has impressed upon us the need to be different. Thus, in this year Word and Grace56 was born and is here to stay to bring about the good news and address the issues of life through Biblical teachings.