Do not play with the anointing.

But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.(I John 2:20)

What is the anointing? Many think it is a good feeling. Others think it is a special power given to only a few. To understand the danger of going against the anointing, let’s define it. First, of all, the anointing comes from the anointed one. You may ask—Who is the anointed one? It is none other than Christ. When you read the accounts of the apostle’s prayer where they prayed Ps 2:1-3, they mentioned the word Christ (Acts 4:24-26). In PS 2:2, that same word is Anointed. The word Christ is the Anointed of God. It is synonymous with the word Holy Spirit and it’s power. The word Christ means the yoke breaking, burden removing power of God (Isa 10:27). As a believer, you have the mind of Christ!

A power that can help or harm you.

God’s word is to the point. He has given us power and authority to thread on serpents, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility. We like the idea of praying heaven down and watching miracles manifest themselves before our very eyes, but if we were to know the tremendous responsibilities behind it, we would think twice before we ask for his power. On the other side, it is a sad state of affairs to know that Christians have that power resident inside of them but do not activate or “turn on the switch.”  It may be ignorance or, sometimes, the circumstances of life has them so overwhelmed that they forget who they are in Christ.

We, all, know that Moses was a great man who was used in a mighty way for God. He saw God’s miracles, signs and wonders but he himself got overwhelmed with the circumstances of life. On the first account, God told Moses to smite the rock and it would draw out water for the Jews who were in the desert. (Exodus 17:1-6) Then, years had passed and the Jews forgot the miracles of God. Once again, they complained and got into contention with Moses. Moses, along with Aaron, went before the Lord to seek his face. God gave him instructions to speak to the rock.

Unfortunately, Moses disobeyed and paid a price. Yes, miracles was manifested in spite of Moses disobedience but he struck the rock instead of speaking to it. His disobedience caused his death and he could not enter the promised land. Why?  The rock was Christ. (I Cor 10:4) The anointing that was with Moses winded up killing him. God’s manifested power that was used to work miracles resulted in Moses death. We need to understand that just as there is a price when you play around with electricity so it is with God’s power. God’s presence can cause you great harm and even death if sin is involved. That is why we need to prepare ourselves for God’s presence when we worship. He is a consuming fire! It can work for your good or for your harm. Worship and Praise is serious business and cannot be taken lightly in the churches.

So, friend, be careful with the anointing that you have. It is a precious thing. Remember the power that can heal and restore can knock you dead in your tracks. Let’s have a reverential fear of God in our lives. It will help us in the long run–God bless.

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