The price of Disobedience.


Disobedience! Sometimes, we do not like to hear that preached from the pulpit. Sometimes when that subject is addressed, it will hurt our feelings. Tough as it may be, it is necessary for the man/woman of God to preach that from the pulpit. It is a dangerous sin and can cost us plenty in our walk with Christ.

Abraham was an example. He left the comforts of home to create a nation. His security was in the balance. In Biblical times, it was necessary to be with the family group structure for protection and financial provision. In spite of this, he took a step of faith and trusted God. (Gen 12:1-3) Think about it, if Abram did not obey God, Israel would not have come into being. His children and seed would have been affected. That is how serious this matter was. Thank God, he stepped out and obeyed. As a result of that, a nation came into being. (Gen 32:28)

Another example of how disobedience can cost you is in the area of miracles. As a Pastor, I have talked to people who are in desperate need of a miracle. They are expecting blessings to come down out of nowhere and bless them. Praise God for those miracles in the past, but other times there is one small element we forget–Patience! We live in a microwave generation and want our blessings now. When we do not get it, we get angry at God and get discouraged.

The word talks about watching and prayer. We can talk to God for a long time but are we taking the time to listen? In John, chapter 2, we see Jesus telling his mother that his time has not yet come. He was not being disrespectful but he was talking as God. Remember, Jesus is God in the flesh. (John 1:1, 14) Even though the word tells us that God has given us all things that pertain unto life, there is the waiting for the manifestation of our desires.

Some people say–I am waiting on God. yet there are not doing their part. When you pray about something that is, clearly, God’s will and it has not manifested, you need to watch and pray. Be on the expectancy and watch God move. Once you start acting on his instructions, you will get your hearts desires through your breakthrough.
Mary (Jesus mother) knew this principle so she told the men to do what he tells you to do. As they heard Jesus instructions and even acted on them, they had  a instant breakthrough. Brethren, waiting for the promises is just the begining. As we learn how to watch and pray, we can get the instructions needed for our breakthrough. So, as we begin the beginning of a New Year, let us learn how to watch and pray. Our breakthrough awaits.


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